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Default Transmission fluid level check

Hi all! I've been wanting something newer to drive and couldn't afford a new or even a newer used car so I bought a wrecked tC. I like Its a light front hit, mostly just over the bumper. It needs a hood, passenger headlight, bumper cover. The radiator had a small crack I repaired. It tore one of the fluid cooler hoses and pumped a lot of fluid out. I fixed the hose but is there any way to top it off? I need a couple air bags before I can get it State Patrol inspected but I really want drive it around the block! Is it like the dam VW's that need to be pumped in from the pan or is there some other way?

4/20/17: Ziphen:

Can I check the transmission fluid at the fill plug behind the driver side front wheel instead of the drain/overflow plug under the car? It a 2011 scion tc automatic transmission.

My Bad. Sorry about the wrong info.

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