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Talking Android Head Unit

Hi Y'all, I'e done some searching on the forum and online for information regarding Android head units for tC 2.5 but have come across only a few. One which is on the forum with a Joying brand another which is a universal on Amazon that appears to have the same dimensions as the stock head unit.

Id like to know if anyone here has looked into or succeeed in integrating Android into their tC to replace their stock unit. I currently have the Bespoke Premium unit which is overall a pretty good system that readily accepted a rear can and pushes out good sound but lacks in functionality not to mention the navigation which in my opinion is horrible at calculating routes and finding POIs.

Here is a link to one that may or may not fit a tC but just as a visual as to what I'm trying to fit in the current unit location.
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Your link is busted.

I think Android devices are great to have in a vehicle. Coolest thing IMO is the ability to run an app like Torque with a bluetooth OBD. You can get an ELM-327 for under ten bucks, and boom, custom gauge cluster.

For fun I'm going to go off the rails and get theoretical.

Were it me, I would forego the Joying unit in favor of an Android device I already had. I'd fabricate a mounting adapter, probably out of aluminum. Just draw it up in Illustrator and have a shop waterjet it for you. Then I would install computer fans behind the device for cooling. It may be necessary to RF shield the cavity.

Cool thing about using a phone is that they support remote volume controls via the headphone jack. You should be able to rig it up as such so that you can use your steering wheel buttons to control the device.

Re the backup camera, that might be tricky. You can get cameras that plug into the charging port. Problem is USB attenuates pretty badly after 15' or so. You can squeeze some extra distance if you use higher quality cable. IE shielded with a lower gauge conductor. Also interesting, you can get thermal imaging cameras for phones. How cool would it be to have a front-facing thermal camera? Shieeeeet.

As far as radio, you can use SDR on an Android. An RTL card will run you $20 tops, and your reception is limited only by your antennae(e). FM, AM, aircraft, emergency services, weather radio, TV, etc.

The main problem I see is running all these auxillary devices in tandem. You may be able to use a USB hub with an Android. Not something I have researched tbh.

As far as the actual device, something rooted would be ideal. Remove all the bloatware, optimize the device for power saving so that is doesn't die when the car is off(who wants to wait for all that crap to reboot?). I'd put the charger on accessory power so the device knows when it is time to sleep. Sync Google maps for offline usage in case of signal outages. Gesture control is cool if your device supports that. You should be able to rig up the "mode" button on your wheel to cycle screens between media/torque/camera/etc.

Honestly a Raspberry Pi would probably work better for this kind of thing, given all the I/O ports that are needed. There may be some kind of hardware solution that allows you to add I/O ports to a Droid, I really don't know.

Sorry I went off topic somewhat. A phone certainly isn't a simple plugnplay if you want functionality. But it would be cheaper and more capable in the end.
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