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Default Looking to buy a 2011 tC. Have a few questions.

So I'm looking to trade in my 04 Civic for a 2011 tC. The one I'm looking at currently has ~60k miles. The carfax shows one owner and it looks like they took meticulous care of the car because it has all its dealer services at get required intervals, not to mention the body looks mint.

I'm going to test drive the car this weekend but I wanted to ask if there's and glaring issues I should be on the look out for? I've always lived buy the rule of never buying a first new gen of a car but this one might be the exception, because based on my googling the biggest issue I can seem to find is a rattling windshield molding at highway speed. Which isn't a concern to me because it's such an easy fix.

Are there any type of notorious problems with this car? Like my 04 Civic for instance is absolutely guaranteed to blow the head gasket at around 80k miles. Which mine did like clock work.

Thank you!
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If itís a 2011 tC itís not the first gen, itíd be the second gen
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Some argue that these evolved off the Celica platform when it was phased out, so in regards to that the 2011 is kind of the 9th gen Celica. But even if it wasn't, it's still still not a 1st gen car. its the 2nd gen for tC specific, and they got a much better engine. It actually shares the 2.5l from the Camry.

No huge issues that I've seen or heard of, just keep up on your oil changes and it should last a while. Should be a nice upgrade from your Civic. If it's a stick, a short shifter is a must.

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Did you get it?
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