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Default TRD lowering springs

I have a 2015 Scion TC RS 9.0, which came with TRD lowering springs. I have roughly 6k miles on them and I'm pretty sure they've had a lot of time to settle, but the rear still sits higher. From what I've read so far, TRD springs are supposed to lower the car evenly, and not look higher in the back. Are my rear springs installed incorrectly? Here is a picture of what it looks like right now:
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Hello drewdng! Welcome to SL!

The 1st pic shows the Dealer's Demo outside the day I pick up my RS9. I passed on the Demo because it was #1038.
I bought the one in the Showroom with only 8 mi. on the odometer. And I wanted the #155.

The 2nd pic is shown at the Custom Body Shop where my Wing was put on. So the TRD Lowering Springs will drop the car around 1" all the way around evenly.

Our cars have a aerodynamic rake to it so the Front looks lower therefore the Rear appears higher. IMHO, that is a Good Thing. It gives it a more aggressive look to it.

So our cars are Normal as Designed.


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