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Default 1ZZFE Corolla throttle-body mod: interest in kits?

I'm not the first person to do this mod-- I probably found it here or Club xB. But it takes a bit of grinding and fab to get it done. Supposedly the few mm's more throttle body improves response for passing, etc. Butt dyno says yeah, but we'll discuss that later.

The reason I want to make these on request is for those who may want the mod, but not spend the time doing it all. There's been interest from xA, xB1, and Echo owners in a kit for the right price. Good, there's interest.

The next step is testing. Is it even WORTH selling this. There are a few variables here:

-Echo and Scion's have different ECU's, the Scion's react more quickly and make judgements across a wider scale (can be good or bad for mods). No, the harnesses aren't compatible.

-Forced induction guys want to know if it's for them. Fortunately I know an ex-Echo-turned-xA owner who's going SC at some point (has the blower, just getting things together).

That covers the variables of vehicle ECU's and NA versus SC (turbo is a different ball of wax, but hopefully they can make the call based off boost in general).

I still need the access to a stock Scion 1NZ, however, preferably in NorCal. If the results seem worth it, I'll again post the results and re-gauge the interest. If it's there, I'll see about throwing them together-- gasket, sandwich plate, hoses, and TB (I'll even find and purchase the TB and include it in the price). My initial price would be under $200 total, maybe even cheaper that $175. I'll see how long it takes me to cut the TB to fit with a local Echo enthusiast wanting to try it, and I'll use my template and better tooling to estimate time.
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I am totally for this, sign me up
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