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Default 2006 xB Engine seized


Love my xB but a oil filter "falling off" and me not realizing I needed to stop IMMEDIATELY leaves me in a tough spot.

quotes to replace the engine range from 3600 (1600 labor + 1500 engine+ etc) to 7200 (dealership)

friend interested in selling me her 2008 xB for 4000.

Really love my xB but can't help but think I'm being stupid spending almost 4000 dollars fixing it instead of taking the 2008.

Other options including selling as-in on craigslist- but no idea how much for.

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Interested in opinions from fellow owners. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Also, anyone interested in having a look, I live in Charleston, SC
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The 1NZ-FE is a fairly common engine. It's always a little sketchy, but there are usually a few for sale on eBay around $600. They are used engines, and you might have to go pick one up as freight shipping can be tedious and expensive, but that's likely your best option.

I'm assuming that you're not in a position to change the engine yourself, because most people are not, but if you can find a local shop that will do it, you might do OK. Still, you're probably going to have $2000 into it at least.
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