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Buyers Guide: Scion xA/xB Exhaust

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Originally Posted by taman86 View Post
Ok so I tried reading through this thread but it is so all over the place with no centralized info, and I don't want to spend 2 hours reading through ten pages. I have an itch to mod something and my wife has her 04 xa and we just bought a 2012 gmc terrain suv so her scion is gonna get the butt end of the stick. I drive the scion a lot around town and have for a couple years and quite frankly, I hate it. Coming from muscle cars to this little box with a lawnmower engine, the performance is just sad. From what I have been reading, I won't get a big difference in power but should be noticeable from a stop and have better hwy power which is what this car lacks. I HATE 4 bangers that sounds like a swarm of ____ed off bees with a giant can hanging off the exhaust. I am looking for slightly louder then stock with deep tone but not obnoxious drone, something tasteful to look at, but also has a good performance aspect. What do you guys think? I am looking to do a full exhaust swap
My .02 a Borla if u wanna go full exhaust.
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Like most enthusiasts, I like to hear my engine, but I think it's silly to spend $300 or more just for a little more sound, and little or no performance gain.

Has anyone tried messing with the stock muffler tip? If you just want a touch more engine sound, it might be enough. When the tip on my wife's Civic rusted off it made a very nice little burble. Unfortunately my wife didn't like it, so she had it fixed.

I also found I could adjust the tone and volume on my WRX, which has an aftermarket muffler with a removeable tip, by using different lengths and diameters of pipe for the tip. Made a big difference.

When I get around to it, I'm going to try cutting off the tip on my box, and messing with different sizes of pipe. Can't hurt, I should be able to reinstall the stock tip if I want, by using an adaptor from the auto parts store.

Another cheap way to get a little more sound would be having a mild steel performance muffler installed. Mild steel is much cheaper, and will last at least 5 years in the rust belt, probably longer. Muffler is about $50, get it installed at the local muffler shop for - guessing here - another $50. Here's some cheap (or should I say inexpensive) mufflers:
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Anyone ever end up going with the Invidia cat-back? Considering getting rid of my Greddy axle-back, and picking one up. My brother-in-law has a Magnaflow cat-back, and I personally do not like the exhaust note on his. I want to sound a little different from him, but have the power he does, as there is a noticeable power difference between our 2 boxes with the only difference in bolt-ons being that he has the cat-back, and I only have axle-back.
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Im such a car noob...but if I were to add an exhaust how much would it take from mpg
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you wont really notice too much a difference plus or minus. It all depends on how your right foot works for you.
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My muffler is rusting out. I need to replace. This one is 200 delivered. I saw some on ebay for 100 or less. Any good?
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for the xa? brand? where are you located?
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guys, so i work at oreilly auto parts and i want to do some upgrading to the xb. I would like to start out first with the exhaust. This exhaust system we sell i dont know if it gives performance, i mean i know i wont get it right away but after upgrading exhaust manifold and intake manifold with cai will give me a increase in power. so will that exhaust system give me a boost even if i dont upgrade the other parts? MagnaFlow Street Series 15822 - Exhaust System | O'Reilly Auto Parts
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Anyone know of a replacment muffler that's as good as my '06 XB 10-yr-old OEM muffler?

I plan on keeping it for another ten years.
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I'll offer my two cents. In all of my years of owning and driving Toyota products (going back to my first one - a 1976 Toyota Corolla SR5 Hatchback), nothing compares to the quality and durability of OEM Toyota parts. So my vote would be for an OEM Toyota exhaust system. Sure they're expensive - if you can even find one - but they're worth it.

BTW, I have a Borla stainless steel system on my 2006 xB and the fit and finish are not up to OEM standards. I do like the sound better though.
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go with oem, i replaced my whole system back to oem after i got tired of replacing my exhaust every 2 years. i rather hear my stereo system than the drone of the exhaust i had, i'm not looking back
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I suggest a 40 series flowmaster great performance wise
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Anyone sell a stainless replacement pipe from the header to the cat?
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