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Default Found this on craigslist....needs motor

I bought my 2005 xB from a tow truck service company for $1,000. Well, I was back at that company to see if they had any smashed vehicles for sale. They had a few. One of them was a xA with a manual transmission. I can get this xA car for $300. The car looks like it was in a roll-over accident. Destroyed! But it DOES have a good engine. I don't know what year the xA is, but I remember looking at the engine sticker and thinking to myself, "Oh, it's a first gen motor".

Anyhow, I talked the craigslist seller down to $850 for his xB. If I can get him down another hundred dollars, I'm getting it.

I have a question: How difficult is it to replace the engine in these cars. Would I need to but any "specialty" tools? I can replace most any engine (front wheel drive or rear wheel drive) in less than two days......Honda and Nissan engines in a single day.
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