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Default Fuel tank related question

I fill the gas tank when the gas light comes on.

I fill it until the tank is full. I don't add gas between fill-ups. As soon as the gas light comes on I drive to a gas station to fill up full every time.

I'm just wondering how many miles can I continue driving before the tank is actually empty. The light comes on when the guage indicates the fuel level is just below the 1/4 filled tank mark.

As soon as the light comes on, I can fit 10.5 gallons of gas in the tank.

It seems as if the final 1/4 capacity of fuel runs out faster than the fuller 1/4 tank capacity...........if that makes any sense
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There are 11.9 gallons to our first gen's gas tanks. If you put in 10.5 gallons regularly, then you'll have 1.4 gallons left. If you average 30 mpg, for example, you'll have ~44 miles left to drive.

And you're correct that the final 1/4 tank appears to burn quicker as per the gauge, but it's just an illusion. Remember that for you, the red light comes on with 1.4 gallons left, so it isn't a fair comparison.
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