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Default Scion xA/xB Short Shifter Install DIY

Short Shifter
2003-2007 Scion xA/xB
2000-2005 Echo / Echo Hatchback

So in order to make installing Full Replacement Short Shifters even easier, we have decided to post up a DIY here on the forums so that you can all see how easy it is to install one yourself!

Begin the installation by parking on a flat surface, as you will have to engage and disengage the hand brake and shift from gears to neutral. If you cannot do so and are obliged to install the short shifter on a slightly inclined surface, place wooden blocks in front or behind the wheels to prevent the car from moving while you’re working.

1. Unscrew the shift **** and remove the boot.

2. Remove the two screws from the back of the console. Then carefully lift and remove the console from the car to allow access to the shift assembly.

3. Remove the clip on the left side of the assembly.

4. Remove the bottom clip holding the shifter to the linkage.

5. Insert a flat head screw driver behind the clip on the right front side of the assembly and pry the clip off. The clip may be broken in the process but a new one is included with the short shifter.

6. Use a punch to drive out the pin and remove the plastic side arm. Note the position of the spring before removal of the arm.

7. Use a flat head screw driver to pry off the plastic cap on top of the assembly. Remove the stock shifter.

8. Use the cup remover tool included with the kit to remove both plastic cups on the original shifter. To do so, place the cup remover tool on top of the open jaws of a vice, the jaws should be approximately 1” apart. Hang the shifter from the tool as shown, be sure the shifter is inserted completely into the slot in the tool. Insert a punch into the center hole through the plastic cup and tap firmly with a hammer to separate the original shifter from cup. Repeat for second cup.

9. Install the plastic cups which you removed from the original shifter onto the short shifter. Grease the cups and pivot ***** generously. Place the cup on a firm surface and push the short shifter into it until it pops in.

10. Lightly grease the large pivot ball and the small side pivot ball on the short shifter. Install the short shifter in place of the stock one and replace the plastic cap by pressing it on firmly until it snaps into place.

11. Re-install the plastic side arm on to the assembly. This may require a hammer to tap the pin through the assembly. Take special care to properly re-install the spring to its original location.

12. Drive the clip on with a 14mm socket to secure it properly against the plastic assembly. Be sure the shaft is pushed all the way into the assembly and the clip is on all the way so there is no free play.

13. Replace the clip on the bottom of the shifter to re-secure it to the shift linkage. Re-install the shift linkage and clip to the arm on the left side of the assembly. Re-install the console and re-connect all plastic connectors.

14. Replace shift ****!

THAT'S IT!! Now all you have to do is ENJOY it every time you SHIFT!

If you have any other questions or concerns you can post in this thread or send us a PM and we will be more than happy to help you out with your Short Shifter install!

Team TWM Performance
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I cant recommend them enough. Had a TWM on mine for over 2 years. Made a world of difference. Huge Thumbs Up to this company.
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