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Default Irregular Tire Wear

I recently had new snow tires put on my xB. When I arrived home, I checked the wear on the tires. On one of the tires I saw irregular wear, when I sweep my hand over the threads, it is kind of choppy, not smooth.

The struts and shocks are original. Apart from feeling the bumps on the road fully, I canít tell if the struts are worn out. When I do the push test, it is hard to push down, when it goes down, it comes up and stops, it doesnít bounce. I donít hear clunking sounds while driving except when I brake fast I hear sound similar to metal springs compressing and decompressing, not necessarily the coil springs.

Is feeling the bumps fully while driving normal? I thought it was for the xB.

What could cause uneven wear (choppy feeling surface) on the tire?

If struts need replacing, I donít think softer new KYBs or Monroes will be as good as my original struts. Maybe I am wrong?

Any suggestions, guidance please?
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We see odd wear on the rear tires of the xB, as you say above but with all season tires. The only cure is do tire rotations. On the front, the tires wear smoothly.

The xB is not a Rolls Royce, so you will feel bumps. If the shocks are not bouncing, then they are probably good.

You can try changing the tire pressure up and down and see what happens. Just stay short of the max pressure shown on the sidewall.

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How many miles on the vehicle?
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