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Default Wheel Hub/Hub Assembly

Okay so on my 2005 xB, I'm getting the rumbling/vibrations usually associated with the wheel bearing going bad.

Every time I look up the front wheel hub assembly I get a 5 lug one when my car is currently equipped with 4 lugs.
Every time I look up the front hub bearing (which would have to be pressed in), I get bearings with various size outer races.

If you've had to replace the front bearing and/or hub assemblies, what parts did you use? I'm not looking for anything fancy, honestly there's a 15 dollar bearing for sale on CarId that I'd love to get pressed in but I have no idea if it (or anything else on the site will actually fit).
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Try this...Scion xB Front Wheel Bearings

I wouldn't buy the cheapest one you can find as it's a job you only want to do once...I'd go with Timken or SKF if it were my box.
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I just did my wives 2006 scion xb wheel bearing it is a job you don't want to do twice... there is a video on youtube of a toyota camry with similar wheel hub with the right tools and little experience it probably isn't as bad of a time as I had took 3-4 hours for me learning as I went with a friend. The biggest problem we had was removing the old one and with the proper "puller" it would have been easier I could tell.
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