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Default looking for advice/opinions in all areas?

i just joined up here at Scion Life and i've got plans for the Xb

i've been reading for the past hour about this new Xb replacement and my thoughts on this - if it looks anything like the bB, i'll buy one just to blow it up, it's ugly. my purpose with my Xb project is purely sound performance purposes, so if the back end is infact extended out like some had stated, i'd love that. Toyota's concept version is... well it's ok i guess, but it reminds me too much of the Dogde Magnum and that one Cadillac that has HUGE wheels and like NO window space... can't remember what model it is, but it's ugly as h$%l. in short, the narrow window highth is kinda stupid looking .

let me clear things up and explain what i'm planning on doing. i don't have my Xb yet, i want to get one anywhere from a 04-06 *i'm not worried about a used engine as it's pretty easy to work on and not the expensive compared to other cars*. i'm installing a custom dual 15" fiberglass settup in the back via my own design and work. i will be using two JBL W15GTI MKII subwoofers. as the back end with the seats up has about 4-5Cubic foot of space *tastely done, not every bit of space taken up*, which is perfect for a pair of sealed boxes, i'm after one dual vetned design. i can remove the spare tire and have a custom mount placed on the back door to ensure that i still have a spare. theres just a few things i'd like to clear up though on my end. theres about... 450lbs of added equipment going into the Xb. to counter the extra body roll, i'm going to be getting a TIEN SS-P coilover suspension kit with some Greddy front and rear Sway bars and front Strut bar *i've been unable to find a suitable rear strut bar for this settup*.

what i need help on is what turbo or superchager + air intake and exhaust i can/should use to help counter the loss in power from the added 450lbs? and what chamber kit would be a good match for the suspension thats being installed? i'm trying to go for no more then 12-15% diffrence in milage. can anyone help me on that? also i would prefure a supercharger as theres no lag time for the boost of power.

again, this is plans for the current Xb intill i get a glimps of the replacement. if it's rear storage is extended and has mostly the same look as the original Xb, then i'll have some change of plans, if i don't like it well then i'm sticking to what i've got planned now. so any sugjestions at all on this?
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You need to wait about a month at this point to see the new xB. At that point you can make a decision on what direction you want to take. Good luck!!
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very good point, that is what i am doing.

I am hoping for weight, power, comfort , more options as well as a bigger tank and LOOKS. If I can get 5 out of 6 I am there.
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