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Default 177000 and its time for some suspension work. Looking for some help

I have an 08 with 177000 miles and climbing. Its set up with Trd springs, strut bar and sway bar with oem struts. The struts have about 80000 on them and a few moves(heavey loards) and they are about shot. So im left with the decision of just replacing the struts and shocks or replacing everything with coil overs. I on about a 700 budget and im atleast wanting better than stock preformance. First off should i consider replacing the trd springs that have been on it for atleast 150000 if not the whole 177000. Second is there a strut shock combo other than the trd that would work well with the trd spring rates. The car originally had the trd struts and shocks and i enjoyed the ride much better. Lastly should i consider going ahead and replacing it all with coil overs under the 800 dollar mark, and if so do yall have any recomendations? Any help or other recomendations on other task to tackle while im in there would be appreciated.
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A few threads below this, is my install of the Megans

Ive had them on for a few months & really like the stance I set and the ride quality. Spent $850.00 delivered
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