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Ok so I'm planning on doing this to my tC, but I wanted to connect the spark plugs and alternator individually. My question is, all connects to the negative terminal? Cause I seen the alternator connected to the positive terminal in pictures.
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If a mechanic looks at a grounding harness and doesn't get it, he hasn't been a tech for very long.
We used to make grounding harnesses any time we would have recurring charging system issues. It is also worth mentioning that to get a good ground bear metal is requisite. Trying to get a ground through paint or corrosion is difficult. Thanks for the posting.
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[quote=berndt;3775192]to get a good ground bear metal is requisite. quote]

Now would that be a wild bear or the Chicago Bears?? And can it still have a lil fur or does it have to be shaved bare??
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I can bearly stand myself!
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I put this kit on using 8awg wire and with the ground point indicated. I noticed no difference in any of the areas mentioned, so I upped it to 4awg wire. still no differences. Also, I overtightened the bolt on my coil, so now i have to have it re-threaded, but there is enough left to hold the coil in place with the help of the engine cover.

In the photo's the wires connected to the coil I can't tell if the connections are above and below the coil pack or both on the same side. I connected both of mine on the top side of the coil pack, because if they were on the bottom, there would not be enough metal to hold the coil in place. So, are the wires pictured on both sides of the coil pack? and if so, would that make a difference?
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4 gauge is a pretty heavy gauge wire for what a ground kit needs. I'd only use 4 gauge if you were experiencing dimming lights or moderate voltage drops (hence you have an aftermarket audio system). The Big 3 only tries to allow a better charge from the alternator to your battery by upping the alt -> batt+ and batt- -> chass and eng block -> chass wiring to 0gauge... I've done this and haven't really seen a huge improvement in the less dimming of lights (headlights are fine, interior LEDs dim slightly under heavy music usage), so unless you have a larger alternator (not like xAs have) it's not really worth doing the big 3, the ground kit on the other hand improves your spark in the engine? (from what I've read) and other performance improving things, but I doubt it's that significant... but if you've got a couple bucks this mod is probably one of the cheapest and easiest. I might run a ground kit with the Big 3 to see if that improves anything...

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Haven't gotten the chance to throw the other 0 gauge wiring since every time I take off the battery my alarm goes off, and I can't have that happening in my neighborhood lol I only did this because I had an audio system a while back and never sold the 30ft of 0gauge and 250amp fuses I have...
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I did this install to my 07 today, took less than an hour. great step by step process although I had to change a little bit since my intake manifold is closer to the firewall, also ran heater hose over the wire to make it look a little more stock.
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