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2004 scion xB. It came to me as a rolling ashtray with 148K miles, running but getting a little tired mechanically. Purchased for the purpose of conversion to electric drive; so I didn't want to spend top dollar on a really nice one that I knew I would be hacking to pieces.

As it came to me, it had several mild appearance and performance improvement/hop ups such as TRD suspension, strut bar, a cold air intake, aftermarket Muffler, aftermarket wheels and interior and ground lighting effects. However most of this was worn out, beat up, or passe and has been removed.

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
Full electric drivetrain conversion. Solectria AC55 motor/controller powering front wheels through a 1984 celica GTS differential; custom motor/diff subassembly bolts into engine compartment on original engine mounts. Driveshaft shop custom CV axles utilizing toyota tacoma 4x4 front axle inner stub shafts (which fit the celica diff) and original xB outer CV joints.

Suspension Modifications:
OEM 2nd gen xB rear coil springs to handle 600lb battery weight over rear axle. 1st gen xB TRD front springs. With this configuration rear sits about 1/2" higher than front. About right in other words.

Front sway bar removed to allow for clearance for the rather overbuilt axles.

Rear axle bar spring hangers modified to increase clearance for battery box.

2000 toyota echo manual steering conversion. (bolt in replacement for power steering rack)

Wheels/Tires Modifications:
2003 OEM Mini cooper alloy wheels 5.5x15s.

Unexceptional but usable 44psi tires which came with rims.

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Rear seat raised about 4" to accomodate battery boxes underneath. Still folds down. Deck behind rear seat raised 12" for same purpose.

J1772 charging port in gas filler location.

Hidden trailer hitch (vertical receiver type) and 4-flat wiring.

Future Modifications:
Onboard carputer to analyze EV telemetry from motor controller and battery mgmt system.

Ultimately I will get a set of OEM Mitsubishi iMiev 51psi low RR tires for the car to replace the oatmeal tires it has now. (as in, rolls as if you were plowing through oatmeal)
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