600 Horsepower Corollas Obliterate Their Rear Tires

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Australian-built classic Corollas showcase what friendship is all about: Doing massive burnouts together.

We don’t know what it is about Australians and their love of burnouts. Maybe it’s something in the water? Whatever the case is, we are glad these two particular Australian mates decided to visit The Hoonigans at their Long Beach headquarters.

Those two Australians, Andrew Lynch (‘Lynchy’) and Mike Brasher ‘ULEGAL,’ are rocking some rather insane made-for-burnouts machinery.

Lynch is driving a KE55 Corolla, which, back in 1981, produced a stratospheric 60 horsepower from its 1.3-liter, carbureted 4K-C engine. Nearly 40 years later this blue sedan is still carbureted, but its twin-carbs now feed a 403 cubic-inch LS2 stroker V8. Said LS2 engine is naturally-aspirated and fed a steady diet of methanol to produce about 600 horsepower. That power is sent to the rear wheels, which, if you haven’t noticed, are tiny, and that’s very intentional.

KE55 Toyota Corolla Burnout Hoonigan ScionLife.com

Lynch says his combination weighs “about a ton,” which, even if we’re talking metric, means this Corolla is a featherweight at 2,200 pounds. Naturally, that ultra lightweight body, and intentionally undersized rear tire setup means this KE55 is made for burnouts. Oh, and did we neglect to mention that the rear brakes have been removed? Lynch says the rear brakes cause too much drag when doing burnouts, and have caused fire issues before. Safety first, after all.


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What follows is an absolute decimation of tires. Once ‘Lynchy’ is satisfied, and the whole shop is clouded in time smoke, he hops out in celebration and cheers follow. Normally, this would be the end of things, but Brasher finally makes his appearance in the video. Brasher wheels a KE coupe, with a mean white and black color combo. It also sounds like it’s rocking LS V8 power, but with an even bigger cam. Listen to the fierce idle. Brasher also proceeds to decimate his Corolla’s rear tires until the entire Hoonigan is deafened into submission.

These Australians really do have an edge in the burnout department, after all.

KE55 Toyota Corolla Burnout Hoonigan ScionLife.com

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