Scion Owners Receive Discount on Brand New 2018 Toyota C-HR

By - 2018 Toyota C-HR Discounts Scion Owners

Toyota offers discount on brand new 2018 C-HR for Scion owners.

Our friends at CarsDirect have tipped us off on a cool discount that Toyota has quietly rolled out for their all-new 2018 C-HR. Normally, a brand new model wouldn’t need discounts to move off the dealer’s lot. In fact, the C-HR is poised to be a strong seller for Toyota.

We suspect that the C-HR would have originally worn a Scion badge, had the brand continued on. As something of a concession to loyal Scion owners, they have the first shot at discounts on the new car. As per CarsDirect:

“Through July 5, current owners and lessees of any Scion model can get a $500 loyalty discount off the new C-HR. You don’t need to trade-in your car, and the offer can be transferred to members of the same household.

To get the deal, simple show proof of ownership (or lease contract, if applicable). If the discount is being transferred, you’ll need to provide evidence that you both reside at the same address.”

$500 is a small, but gracious token towards Scion owners. However, there is a catch. Isn’t there always? The car must be leased or financed through Toyota Financial. However, this can be stacked with Toyota’s “college graduate” discount of $750, for a combined total of $1250 off a brand new model. With a starting MSRP of $22,500, that could get you into the C-HR for $21,250 before tax, titling and license fees. That is fantastically cheap for brand new compact SUV.

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