This is the Fastest xA in the World

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There’s a good chance that this xA will outrun your car in the quarter mile. Under normal circumstances, that’s something that you should be embarrassed about. After all, it’s a front wheel drive micro car with a Prius motor. It doesn’t even have the electric motors to help it along. But you would be forgiven in this case, because PTuning’s xA is fast.

How does 11.9 seconds in the quarter mile sound? For reference, a stock Camaro ZL1 will do it in about the same time.

Prius motor-be-damned. The block is a built by PTuning as is the appended turbo kit. Engine management is handled by a Haltech unit. Crower connecting rods. CP pistons. That’s all heavy hardware and it’s quarter mile time shows that it’s worth it. We’ve got a video below of one of their runs at the track. It’s not the record setting one, but we’ll probably be seeing more of this speedy xA in the future anyway.

Head to the thread in the forums here!

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