Rocket Bunny FR-S Hits the Streets of Korea

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Federal Tire Korea cruises city streets with widebody FR-S.

Federal Tire Korea built this FR-S as a show car, a means to represent the brand and draw awareness. The best way to get seen is to be seen, so it’s time to hit the streets. Night cruising is a long-honored tradition for car enthusiasts. The roads are quiet and devoid of traffic. Especially in urban South Korea, an area associated with traffic, traffic and more traffic.

This video is a very stylized, with ’80s inspired music and the occasional graphic interlude. It’s a good pairing with the FR-S, which is sitting on some very flashy Rotiform wheels. Said rollers are, of course, paired with Federal 595RS-RR tires. The Rocket Bunny V2 kit almost looks tame in its red hue. Though, perhaps the inky black darkness of nightfall is smoothing things out visually.

Beyond that, there’s not much left to say. Enjoy the video, and perhaps ask yourself when your last night cruise was, and when your next one will be.

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