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ADVAN RS 18x8.5 +48, 5x100 w/ Hankook V12's

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cmcpride, no, that was a Seibon OEM style hood that I sold to him in January of last year. See: And to 09tc318, again, if there were any damages, why didn't you mention them to me? I would have filed a claim to the package carrier. Since I heard no reply, I assumed you got the hood and everything checked out.

Laken, let's get this straight, because I think you're a reasonable person (unlike the other guy); we've just had some miscommunications.

I agreed to post up the rims and help Kevin out with his sale because we've been friends for many years, and we're both honest people. I know he wouldn't screw me or anyone else over, and so I agreed to put my reputation on the line (and I still stand by my choice).

On Dec 27th, you specifically stated:
Oh, by the way, no hurry on the shipping - I'm about 1800 miles from home, so there's no rush as long as they get there within a couple of weeks.
"As long as they get there within a couple of weeks..." Okay. Why does it matter when he ships it out, as long as they arrive within a couple of weeks? With this in mind and in the midst of all the holiday rush at the time, is it not reasonable to allow a small frame of time between payment and shipping? Regardless, this is a non-issue, as here is what happened:

You bought rims on Wednesday the 29th. You were informed of the condition of the rims and tires, and you agreed upon the price. The treadwear on the tires was indicated PRIOR to you sending the money. If it mattered that much, you should have asked for more money on the spot. Upon seeing the stated 45% treadwear in the Paypal invoice, which was admittedly a miscommunication, you still paid the sum. If it were that big of a deal to you, why didn't you come to me and say "Hey man, what's up with this treadwear?" The price could have been adjusted if it were THAT big of a deal to you. In any case, as you were told, Kevin had an unfortunate encounter with a big rig tire in the days immediately after you sent payment, making it impossible for him to ship out the only operational set of wheels he had.

Yes, there was a lack of communication for the following days after you sent payment, and that was my fault. The accident occurred on the 2nd, and I was out of town on the 3rd and 4th. On the 4th, last Tuesday, you sent me a PM regarding the status of the shipment, and on Wednesday, when I returned to my computer, I replied telling you the situation. Instead of replying with, "Dang, that sucks man, sorry to hear about the damaged rims. I understand if it takes you a couple more days to set everything straight," you went off about how you wanted the tires in good condition. Real nice of you. At any rate, you agreed to wait until Monday (yesterday) for the damage to be sorted out, then you posted up in my thread and left me negative feedback. Cool.

And who said anything about a partial refund? If you reread Kevin's post...
The reason why I cannot refund you the whole amount is because I spent a tiny sum of the money on books for school. I already initiated a transfer of cash from my bank account to Paypal, and Paypal says that it takes 3-5 business days to clear.
The "tiny sum" that you are referring to is working its way through Paypal's database. Nobody expects you to walk away with less money than you started with.

You're blowing this way out of proportion; it hasn't even been "a couple weeks" since you sent payment. You will get your refund of $1675 and then we can go our separate ways.

Oh, and I am pretty amused by the rest of you idiots who like to run their mouths without knowing all the facts... And people wonder why ScionLife is known to be home to a bunch of kids.

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Old 01-12-2011, 05:07 PM
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just refunded the fgt, end of story.
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The reason I would prefer to discuss this on Paypal has nothing to do with the venue being public or private - it's simply because Paypal tracks the conversation for the protection of both parties. If you hadn't responded on Paypal and failed to issue a refund, then they would have automatically judged the case in my favor. I was just trying to look out for everyone's best interest.

Ok, if you want to get into semantics, I can do that. A "couple" is common vernacular for two. A "few" is common vernacular for three or more. It has been more than two weeks since I sent payment, and it has been almost three weeks since we agreed on a price (remember - it took 5 days for me to get a payment request for the purchase). In my statement I said " long as I get them within a couple of weeks." That means I wanted them in two weeks or less. No where in that statement does it say or imply 'within a few weeks after the holidays are over' or 'wait two weeks and then ship them.' There is absolutely nothing that isn't clear about my statement. I waited until exactly two weeks since the day my first transfer of $1,200 went through to you. (the second transfer of $475 went through about 8 hours later) At that point I had no tracking numbers, no idea what was going on, and no word from you since 4 days previous.

I gave you fair warning that if this wasn't resolved by Monday, then I would take action. Neither of you did anything to resolve the situation, so I did exactly what I said I was going to do. If you don't like it, well, too bad for you. You lie in the bed you made.

I have never accused anyone involved in this mess of attempting to scam me or steal from me. All I've done is state the facts and illustrate my displeasure concerning the current situation. I haven't made any attempt to insult or defame either of you. I understand that you're upset by some of the comments that have been made here, but most of them aren't coming from me. No, I'm not going to get all sympathetic and sad because you busted your wheel on the freeway. This is business. Business is money. Money has no emotion. The only emotion I had at that point was paranoia about someone ripping me off for $1,675, and irritation that I had to keep pestering you for information about what was going on with the transaction.

I felt that it was prudent to post the details of this situation on here becuase I'm not willing to allow you, or anyone else, the opportunity to blame a failed transaction on me after I've done my part in good faith. Also, it serves as fair warning to anyone else that may choose to try to purchase these wheels and tires in the future. Hydralover, if you're acting as a third-party liaison in this transaction, then you accepted the risk of something going wrong when you chose to put your name on the sale-thread. I'm not going to remove the iTrader post, or my comments here, because there's nothing to indicate that you wont act as a thrid-party liaison in the future, and run in to trouble again. I mean no offense to you, but that's the way it is.

As far as the tread-wear on the tires... I was irritated that you failed to tell me that the tires were down to 50% before we discussed the price of the package. That should have been updated in the original post, or, at the very least, it should have been mentioned immediately to anyone showing interest. However, I can understand that being a minor and forgivable mistake. When I received the payment request that said "45%", I was concerned. That made it seem like something wasn't as it should be, but I was still trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Against my better judgement, I chose to continue with the sale - mostly because I was already excited about getting the wheels, and I let that excitement get the better of me. If you consider this from my perspective - the original sale thread was posted about 6 weeks previous, at that point, and the tires had lost 35% of their tread since then - that's about 6% per week. That's why I took issue with being told that the tires that I had already paid for were still being used. Not only are you essentially burning up my money, but you're effectively changing the deal after I've paid. That's why I offered you a different deal, which you chose to ignore.

I priced the Advan Racing RS wheels new - they average about $650 each. If you figure in shipping, tax, mounting, and balancing, that comes out to about $3,000. I didn't price the Rays, but, guessing from past experience, they'd be about the same. $3,000 + $3,000 = $6,000 worth of wheels.

Incidentally, nowhere in his post did Dutch_Oven say that I would get a full refund. The only thing that ever referenced the amount that I would be refunded was the line about how I couldn't be given a full refund. I was responding to what was said - if what was meant was different than what was said, then that's not my fault.

With that, I'm almost finished. I checked my bank account just before writing this. As of about 8:45pm (CST) I have received a refund of one of the two transactions that I used to pay for the wheels and tires. Hopefully, the refund for the other transaction will go through tomorrow - if it doesn't then I'll have to have some words with Paypal, since they already closed the dispute cases for both transactions. As far as I'm concerned, once I have my money back, everyone involved here has come out even, and hopefully we're all the wiser for it. I'll hold no grudges or ill-will over this affair. Business is business.

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I recieved the refund of the second transaction today. Thank you for being prompt with this. I'm sorry things didn't work out with our deal. I really do like those wheels. Good luck with the broken one.

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Originally Posted by DutchOven View Post

Your input is not making any contributions to this thread, so therefore it is not needed. Thanks though! But nonetheless, I'm sorry I actually am going to college and learning correct grammar and punctuation. This matter of business is between Laken and I, so why don't you take your head out of your **** and replace it with your sh1tbox on steelies?

Much Love.
hahahaha, pwned.
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would u trade for some volks
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Dang un4scene ur very detailed crazy situation.
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