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Default DIY: Manual Trans Back-up (Reverse) Light Switch for tC1

So my back-up lights stopped working so i took it to the dealership and they wanted $100 just to tell me whats wrong with it, let alone parts and labor for a fix.

So I went to my AF training and did some trouble shooting and found the
switch to be bad. To do this I used a Digital Multi-Meter to check if the switch was open
(meter reads O.L) when not in reverse and shorted (close to
.1ohms) when in reverse, turns out it wasn't.
this is how i checked the switch once it was out of the car, i had to push it down to close the switch, in the car you can just put it in reverse and that should close the switch,
if you still have an open then the switch is bad.

I went to the dealership again and picked up the switch for about $50 the part number for it is 84210-12040


To remove the switch you will need:
-1 1/16inch socket
-12mm socket

Start by locating the switch

*if you have the stock air box it might be a little harder to see, and you may even need to move/remove it to get to the reverse switch

Next remove the 12MM bolt that holds down the two harnesses aft of the reverse switch

Next disconnect the harness from the reverse switch

Now you can get the socket onto the switch and remove it

Installing the switch
First slide the gasket that comes with the new switch onto the switch

now screw the switch into the hole and tighten down *I do not know the Toyota spec torque but I made sure it was in there good and tight

Next reconnect the harness

Finally reinstall the 12MM bolt that holds down the harnesses aft of the switch

Now try it out

Hope that helps, it worked for me

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Very nice work. Thank you for adding to the community!!
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that is a great place to add manual trans fluid!!!!
way better than the the filler hole on the underside of the car.
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wow nice find bro
that's pretty electrical...
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I ended up buying another 2006 Scion xB manual transmission and noticed the back up lights weren't working. I found this thread very useful and I ended up buying the back up switch on amazon for $11. The instructions were great and fixed the problem, the hardest part was taking out the air filter box.

Very thankful for this site and this thread!
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Default WORKED!

Thank you so much for this! I had the same issue and this fixed it.

For reference, my switch was showing around 100 ohms when the switch was engaged (not installed in transmission). I bought a new switch the same day at AutoZone for less than $30 and it was something closer to 12 ohms. I'm not sure why the resistance on my old switch was so much higher or even why that was too much for the circuit to be able to light the reverse lights, but it fixed it!

Thank you!
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