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Default Custom shift **** doesnt fit well

I have a tC with manual trans, i bought a new shift **** for it on ebay and it doesnt fit right. It doesnt have threads to just screw on like ud think it would, instead it has those 3 little hex screws that u screw down to tighten it on. Ive tried it with every little insert that came with it and no matter how hard i tighten down the screws the **** will just spin and if i were to drive it for even a little while im sure would just come off. There was also a different shift **** in the console when i bought it that fits the same way. Is there any kind of adapter or something i can buy? Or some way i can make one of theese shifters thread onto the shaft? Or at least a way to tighten em down so theyre secure?
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You can grind flat the threads where the set screws meet the shifter and this will give them much better purchase. In general though you want to get shift ***** that are threaded so that they mount more securely.
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Buy a screw on one.
those dont hold.
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