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Default Plz help, car malfunctioning

I was installing a new radio, (Boss if that makes a difference). When finished, I cranked up the 06 tC and ABS light on, Brake light on AND my windows don't roll up or down. Plus I can't put the car into gear, (auto). Including the moon roof does not work. I checked ALL the fuses. Under the hood and under driver dash. No fuse were blown. Looking for all the help I can find. Thanks in advance...
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You probably have a short in your wiring.
This just happened to me where the windows stopped working and the sunroof had no power and my battery got drained cause my alternator stopped outputting the right amperage/ voltage.

It is probably the ECU-IG fuse. Its a 7.5 amp fuse under your dash.
If this fuse is blown, you will get the ABS, Brake, and may eventually CEL light because that fuse could control the charging of your alternator so I probably would check the output of your alternator before driving around. Should be outputting about 13-14 Volts.

Double check that fuse. The ECU-IG fuse is connected to the:
Air Conditioning
Back Door Opener
Cruise Control
Door Lock Control
Interior Light
Power Window (w/ Jam Protection)
Radiator Fan and Condenser Fan
Shift Lock
Sliding Roof
Tire Pressure Warning System
Wireless Door Lock Control

and a couple other fuses too are related like the AM or IG fuses I forget.
Its probably a short. Double check your wiring and grounds.
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Default Same happened to me kinda...

When I was installing my touchscreen radio on my 07 scion TC once the installation was complete I had to reset the system and there's a video on YouTube on how to do that . If I remember I'll add be link.

HOWEVER the abs system didn't act up like ur saying urs did. So on that one the comment above seems like a good one to follow
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