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2008 xB A/C Compressor Failure


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Default 2008 xB A/C Compressor Failure

So I own a 2008 xB, salvage title with 167k miles on it. Iím currently taking care of little repairs that I need to do (will soon be replacing water pump, serpentine belt, and front shocks/springs). While driving today, I heard a rattling inside the engine bay and pulled over and shut off the car. When I did, this rolled away down the pavement: https://imgur.com/gallery/UIEatq7. Immediately afterwards, my A/C stopped blowing cold, but was still able to run.

I went into Autozone and they said it was most likely the A/C Compressor breaking up. Im going to pull out the compressor this week and see for myself and find out if I need to install a whole new compressor or if I can rebuild this one. A new compressor is $400+ from Autozone, so Iím thinking of going to a salvage yard and pulling a part myself for $50. The only thing is that so far thereís only one in my area that has the same generation car as mine. I was hoping some of you lovely people could help me find out if there are other Scions/Toyotaís that I can pull a compressor from that would be compatible with this car? There are plenty of tCs at these yards so if that works then Iím set. Iíd like to get this done ASAP, itís been a hot week in California and I only got to enjoy freshly charged AC for about 2 weeks before this happened.

Thank you all in advance.

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