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Default SNS Video Cord

After reading all of these posts about how the SNS (Scion Nav System) can't have a backup camera or video ipod hooked up to it..

It leads me to this question, to which I could not find an answer via searching.

The SNS installation manual on page 12 has the following steps:

(m) Fix the video cord.
(1) Remove the vinyl covering from the
video cord (Fig. 3-19).
(2) Fix the video cord to the navigation
system with foam tape (Fig. 3-19).

In the diagram picture, it kind of looks like they have a video RCA cable coming out the back that they've just taped to the back and left it there. No where else in this manual does it say to do anything with that cord, except tape it to the back. You don't plug it into anything, and it seems to serve no purpose.

What is this cable?

This is seen in

Any idea?

Also.. As for all of the hacks related to watching video on the SNS while moving and installing rocker switches, etc.. Has anyone taken apart their SNS and tried to modify their firmware/software to bypass these features?
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I would guess this plug is more for Video out than a video in. Can probably mirror the the screen to another display.
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I had to resurrect this topic. Has anybody figured out if this is a video output or video input yet? The SNS diagnostic screen suggests that there is capability for a back-up camera, but the option is "grayed out" and cannot be selected.

Any hackers out there know how to get the most of the SNS?
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It's a video out
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