Dai Yoshihara’s Subaru BRZ Formula Drift Car Meets Hoonigan

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Formula D’s Dai Yoshihara lights up Hoonigan with his Subaru BRZ.

Time to get the build break down on Dai’s Formula Drift BRZ. The powertrain is a twin-turbocharged LSX V8, mated to a G-Force 4-speed manual “dogbox” transmission. Thanks to those Garrett GTX5533R turbos, said engine is good for between 800-1000 horsepower depending on the tune. The turbo wastegates shooting out of the hood are a nice touch, as well.

In addition to the full range of custom arms, an extended angle kit for increased steering angle, this BRZ has some custom-built KW coil-overs. So custom, in fact, that the shock bodies were wrapped in secrecy. Very interesting, indeed. A custom rear end setup features a Winters’ quick change diff, that allows for on the fly axle ratio changes.

That’s all well and good, but the viewers demand action. Of course, Yoshihara is ready to oblige. What results is a spectacle of call control, close calls and some good luck. The Hoonigan squad peer pressures Dai into some driving bravery. The result? Loading ramp drifts, and one hell of a smoke show ender. The video speaks for itself.

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