Instagram Account of the Week #4: midnightrnr86

By - Instagram Account of the Week #4 midnightrnr86 GT86 Scion FR-S

This is midnightrnr86, the snow-cladded Toyobaru to watch.

Everyone give a hearty, and hopefully warm congratulations to this weeks ScionLife Instagram Account of the Week: midnightrnr86. We say hearty and warm, because, from the looks of things, this Canadian GT86 owner could use it. Indeed, most of the pictures featuring his 86 also feature snowfall, and a lot of it! That said, it’s fun watching the adventures of this modified 86 as it trudges through the Canadian snow and slush.


This particular FR-S features a hoist of tasteful upgrades and modifications that any early-model 86 owner should consider. The Winjet headlights and Valenti tail lights look similar to the items available on the current 2018 86. And, while obviously not OEM-inspired, we do also like the Rocket Bunny ducktail spoiler.

That said, while this ZN6 is a clean example of the breed, our obvious big draw here is watching the rear-wheel drive 86 playing in the snow. If cars had emotions, this would be a happy car. Other, than, of course, being sad about being parked in the cold all night. Oh well, it’s give and take. At least it gets to slide around sideways all day in the fresh powdery goodness. Though, it is funny reading the comments of fellow Canadians who are simply “over it” this Winter. Instagram Account of the Week #4 midnightrnr86 GT86 Scion FR-S

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