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2006 Scion xB Cranks but not starting...

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Default 2006 Scion xB Cranks but not starting...

I have a problem I was hoping I could get some help/thoughts on. I have a 2006 Scion xB (~ 125k miles). Two years ago (at ~ 102k mi), I went out in the morning and tried to start it. It turned the key and tried to start it - it cranked and right before it turned over, it stopped. After that, the car cranked but would not start. I spent a day fiddling around with it and eventually came to the conclusion that it was the fuel pump (tried starter spray and the engine lit but would not start). I took it to a mechanic and they changed the fuel pump. Afterwards, at the shop, it took about 5 min of cranking (gentle at first and then pressing the accelerator as far down as it would go), but it finally started. After that, purred like a kitten and worked fine for 2 years. Then a month ago, same deal - tried to start it - it began cranking, was about to turn over, but then it just stopped. It would not start after this (engine cranked, but would not turn over). I decided to replace the fuel pump/strainer myself this time (I noticed there was a lot of metallic crap in the strainer and some metallic particles at the bottom of the gas tank - i got those out with one of those magnetic sticks - also, there was no pressure in the fuel line when I disconnected it). Same deal as last time again - it took about 5 min of cranking (gentle at first and then pressing the accelerator as far down as it would go), but it finally started. After that, once again, it purred like a kitten. Then, this morning, same deal again. I couldn't believe that the fuel pump had died again so soon (one friggin month?!, possible, but unlikely - also, I have a full tank of gas). Just in case my battery was having a morning (it was about 40 degrees outside), I hooked up the battery to my wife's CRV with jumper cables and tried to crank it (it wasn't cranking slowly or anything, I was just trying to give myself some more charge to work the problem). I was kinda annoyed this had happened (forgive me for my sins), so I bypassed the gentle cranking stage, turned the key and slammed my foot down on the accelerator. After about 10-15 sec, it slowly caught and the engine turned over. I let it run for about a minute, turned it off and tried again to make sure I didn't just get lucky. Turned over fine. At this point, I drove it to work - it purred like a kitten the entire time - no hesitation or anything.

Presently, I'm at work, the car is in the parking lot, and I'm hoping it will be nice and turn over properly when it comes time to go home. So, does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Spark plugs were replaced at the same time as the original fuel pump (~ 102k mi, Iridium plugs). Is this a fuel injector problem (those haven't been replaced in the time I've at the car - since 50k mi)? Did I win the fuel pump lottery from hell and this one is just a PoS too (although, I thought once a pump was dead, it was pretty dead and wouldn't start the car again). If it is the fuel pump, why has my car started eating through fuel pumps? Could one of the sensors be acting up and need to be replaced? I have no check engine lights or error codes (I ran that too to see if it could give me any clues - nothing). Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to keep this guy running for as long as I can.

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Two things to consider here. First, aftermarket parts in general are all over the map on quality levels. I've seen brand new (not remanufactured) aftermarket electronic parts like alternators come right out of the box as junk. (Two times in a row for one friend's vehicle.) So I wouldn't rule out a bad fuel pump.

On the other hand, it sounds an awful lot like you're getting air in your fuel lines. (That would explain the long crank, then start.) I'd be checking all fittings for possible ways to let air into the lines.
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