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2011-2015 Scion Stereo Fit into 2008-2010?


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Default 2011-2015 Scion Stereo Fit into 2008-2010?

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking at putting one of the newer Scion screen versions of the stereo with Bluetooth. Does anyone know if they will also fit the 2008-2010 models?

I want a stereo screen that fills the entire area without the need for the mounting system that fills the sides with ugly plastic. The stock ones look much nicer IMO.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi, I installed a PT546-00160 from an 2016 FRS into my 2008 xB. In addition to the radio and bluetooth I also added nav and backup. Everything works great except there is no button illumination. I have tried finding a solution but no luck so far. There are other installs of the PT546-00140 and the install is the same except for the 160 uses a different GPS antenna and the backup needs a 28 pin harness which is available from autoharnesshouse.com

If anyone has any ideas about the illumination issue I would very much appreciate it. If someone has the pinout of the PT546-00160 that would be great!
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As Rattso said, the newer radios will mount and fit in the 2008, so no worries there. Most of the wiring will also be similar as well, but potentially with some differences (for nav to work, etc.).

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The radio from the IM will fit too but the wiring is a little different than of the 2015 XB too. I liked the sound profiles better in the 2015 radio than the IM radio. I was pretty happy with the IQ sound profile in me XB.

If you decide to go this route, when looking at ebay ads and car-parts.com ads, look at the pics of the back of the radio. You may get lucky and get the navigation module with the radio for the same price or just a little more. Try to get the jumper harness with it. Then you just need a $14 GPS and tenna from Ebay and you have a working nav system. The radio install is pretty easy.

If you are in SoCal, hit me up. I think I may still have the IM radio and maybe a 2015 radio. I may have an entune nav module too but that may have issues getting it to work with the phone app because you have to sign up with Toyota.
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