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  1. tC2 Injen Cold air intake kit
  2. tC2 TWM Shifter and knob with cable bushings
  3. tC NJ: OEM Driver side axle, super cheap!
  4. tC Turbo Kit - Partial
  5. xB FOR SALE Used 5-speed Transmission
  6. tC FS: tC 1 - Turbo Partout - Price drop
  7. tC 2AZ-FE Engine block thread repair tool set $200
  8. tC2 2 Dezod Green Headers For Sale(For 2011+)
  9. tC Driveshaftshop 3.9 axles with spindles and hubs
  10. tC Turbonetics Turbo Kit & extras
  11. tC Dezod Turbo kit
  12. Any Model Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
  13. Your Private Party Classifieds (PPC) Forum Moderator: bbsciontc
  14. xA Blitz Supercharger (xA/xB) BRAND NEW gaskets
  15. tC Turbo Kit- Mostly Complete TC1
  16. xB2 TSUDO Header&S-Pipe
  17. tC Descendant Racing manifold *SOLD*
  18. tC *New* Mishimoto Radiator, Fans, Hoses
  19. tC Gompka Supercharger shaft
  20. tC HKS exhaust with silencer and stickers
  21. tC Samco Sport Radiator Hose Kit
  22. tC Scion turbo kit parts and intake manifold
  23. tC Used supercharger with new kit
  24. tC FT: Price Drop +pic! 6/23 Dr. Isotope Short Shifter for Stock shift
  25. tC FS!!! Ptuning built longblock Scion tC 08
  26. '08 complete airbox & ducting
  27. tC 2006 Scion tC Stock Exhaust (SoCal) Local Pick-up Only - $100 OBO
  28. tC BC Stage 2 Cams
  29. tC COMPLETE: Dezod s1 TURBO KIT plus many extras!!!
  30. tC Injen short ram intake with amsoil filter
  31. tC Stock 2007 tC injectors
  32. xB Injen short ram intake IS2100P - 1st gen xB
  33. tC Unichip Q+ Plug N Play
  34. tC AEM FIC/Harness/ tapped oil pan
  35. Any Model FRS/BRZ Brand new Kraftwerks Supercharger $3300 in Harrisburg, PA!!
  36. tC2 tc2 Dezod red header SOLD
  37. OTHER K&N Drop-In Filter for 05-06 tC and 12-16 FR-S & BRZ
  38. tC2 Exhaust. SRI. And s-techs
  39. xB2 Header 4 to 1
  40. Any Model Scion parts
  42. tC2 FS: ACT Clutch for tC 2nd Gen
  43. tC F/S: Toyota Scion tC 1 TRD Cold Air Intake Black Chrome PTR03-21070 (Houston, Tx)
  44. tC FS: PTUNING Spec-SS Turbo Kit (07-10)
  45. tC Boosted tC part out ***NEED GONE***
  46. FS: Scion tc supercharger rebuild drive shaft with ceramic bearings
  47. tC HKS axelback
  48. tC OEM S-pipe
  49. tC NST 9.5lb Pulley for S/C
  50. xB FS: Gates Racing Belt - K040476RB
  51. tC Greddy Turbo Kit
  52. tC I'm parting out the tC
  53. tC FS: Dezod turbo kit $800 SOLD
  54. tC2 Dezod 3" Catback FS
  55. xB2 SOLD
  56. tC Custom Turbo Setup
  57. tC OEM TRD supercharger header heat shield
  58. xB2 F/S TRD Exhaust 2008-2015 XB
  59. tC xB/xA/tC Boomslang AEM FI/C harness
  60. tC HKS Hi-Power Axle Back Exhaust
  61. OTHER fs: BMW 135i N55 OEM Exhaust
  62. xA Custom 3" Stainless Exhaust w/Random Tech. Cat & Magnaflow
  63. xB2 OEM 2010 Scion XB Header
  64. xB FS: Clutchmasters Stage 4 & Fidanza Alum. Flywheel xB1/xA
  65. xB FS: Wiseco Pistons & Crower Rods xA/xB1
  66. tC TC1 Multiple Items. Selling as Lot but will break up
  67. tC F/S- Dezod red catless header
  68. tC **BRAND NEW--TRD SUPERCHARGER!! 07-10 TC1 ***Gauging Interest***
  69. xA Boomslang PnP Harness for EManage Ultimate 2006 xA
  70. tC 2AZ-FE Cometic headgasket 89mm bore (SOLD)
  71. tC Unichip turn-key piggy back for Scion tC Turbo 9psi
  72. tC scion tc oil pan turbo (untapped)
  73. tC Stock for sale
  74. tC 2007-2010 AEM Fi/C boomslang harness -socal seller-
  75. tC TB spacer, JE pistons, oil caps
  76. xB Greddy Turbo Kit w/FMIC for sale
  77. FS: Tsudo S2 Exhaust and Weapon R Headers 2nd Gen
  78. tC TC1 parts availalble - Pics added
  79. tC Deatschwerks DW300 fuel pump 9-301S-1006 BRAND NEW plus extras!
  80. tC FS: Dezod S1 Turbo kit w/extra goodies $2400
  81. tC WTB: Motor
  82. tC Turbo Kit for sale
  83. tC I got a ticket I have to pay for TURBO for sale cheap (zpi mani/dp, fresh rebuild 16g
  84. OTHER scion FRS Garrett turbo,& a Greddy turbo kit with extra parts.
  85. tC PTUNING: Scion tC (2005-2010) Competition 3" Polished CAT-BACK Exhaust
  86. tC DEZOD parts for sell plus extras
  87. tC Wiseco piston kit
  88. tC2 Tsudo S2 Catback
  89. tC Deatschwerks 550 Injectors tC1
  90. tC 05-10 SCION TC Quaife Limited Slip Differential
  91. tC2 WTT: 2011-2015 Scion Tc Greddy Evo 3 for...
  92. xB2 UNICHIP PNP Setup
  93. tC 2005 tC Engine & Manual Transmission
  94. tC F/S: Turbonetics turbo kit
  95. tC 2008 1st Gen tC Parts
  96. xA Kaaz Power Train Differential Gear Oil
  97. tC **Quick sale** 08-10 Fujita CAI
  98. tC suspension and other parts
  99. tC TRD Supercharger
  100. tC Dezod full turbo kit (stickers included) lol
  101. xD FS: Tanabe Concept G Exhaust BNIB
  102. tC FS: 2007 Emanage ultimate Boomslang harness!
  103. xA FS: xA, xB1 Greddy Turbo, FMIC, Built Motor, 3" Exhaust, + MORE!!!!!
  104. tC FS: Megan midpipe, tsudo midpipe
  105. tC AEM EMS-4 Setup
  106. tC Dezod header (catless) socal seller
  107. tC f/s used dc sports headers and 750cc RC Injectors
  108. tC Manual transmission (stock tC)
  109. tC T3 Turbo Manifold
  110. tC f/s used 550cc DEATSCHWERKS injectors
  111. tC f/s used TRD oil pan
  112. tC F/S Race car part out everything
  113. xB2 Xb2 UNI chip and tsudo catted header
  114. tC FS. Emanage ultimate with plug n play harness 05-06
  115. tC SOLD FS: OEM stock intake
  116. tC SOLD Please Lock/Delete
  117. tC TT Turbo part out
  118. Any Model Eneos API SN/ILSAC GF-5 Certified 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil - 4 Quarts
  119. tC TRADE: FIC Trade for Greddy Emanage
  120. tC Tsudo S2 Catback
  121. tC2 Tc2 engine cover.
  122. tC Ingalls Stiffy Torque Damper
  123. tC Dwork 440cc injectors, ZPI mani/dp, mitsu td05h pinwheel
  124. xB2 Tsudo Scuba back exhaust, Fujita CAI w/ K&N filter
  125. tC New Factory O2 sensor
  126. tC tc parts
  127. tC 2005-2010 tC Stainless Steel Clutch Line
  128. tC SOLD please lock TRD Axleback Exhaust
  129. tC Ingalls torque damper
  130. tC2 Stock Cat back exhaust
  131. tC FS: brand new starter motor (OEM) 2006 scion tc
  132. tC DC Sports Header for tC gen 1
  133. tC FS: OEM exhaust and Air Intake w/ Filter
  134. tC SOLD: Dezod Green Header and Gaskets
  135. Any Model Garrett 60-1 Turbo Turbocharger (Now with pics)
  136. xB B&M Short shifter for First gen xB
  137. tC AEM FIC and 05-06 harness
  138. tC OEM Exhaust Manifold
  139. tC Mushimoto Air Diversion Panel
  140. tC GReddy Spectrum Elite Axle Back
  141. tC TC1 Greddy Evo 3 Exhaust
  142. tC Brand new Brothers Racing (ZPI?) lightweight aluminum crank pulley
  143. tC2 Agency Power Pulley
  144. tC New O2 sensor
  145. tC 2006 Scion Tc (TurboCharged) For Sale.
  146. tC Descendant fuel rail, Injen CAI, TRD short throw shifter, Strup Header
  147. tC Turbo part out + Misc.
  148. tC FS & WTB 2007 unichip harness
  149. Any Model PNP Zex nitrous kit
  150. tC SOLD: Dezod AEM EMS
  151. tC2 Injen cai/short ram BLACK
  152. tC2 Descendant Exhaust
  153. tC FS: tC Greddy SP2 Exhaust
  154. tC FS: RC 550CC Injectors W/Clips
  155. tC Brand New still in box Brand New Koyorad Racing Radiator
  156. tC Scion Tc transmission
  157. tC wtb Greddy Emanage Ultimate
  158. tC Boost Oil and AEM Wideband Gauges
  159. tC OEM stock exhaust and S pipe for sale
  160. tC2 OEM Shifter/Knob/Base Bushings/Cable Bushings
  161. Any Model Aem FIC, injectors
  162. tC Fully Built Engine
  163. tC sold lock it TC1 05 - 10 motor mounts with energy suspension bushing
  164. tC Sold Please Lock Tc1 05-10 Magnaflow 3 inch turbo exhaust Cheap !
  165. tC dezod inlet pipe 2007+
  166. tC TRD, NST parts
  167. tC ARK DT-S exhaust
  168. tC FS: AEM FIC and harnesses
  169. tC Goodies for sale
  170. tC Weapon R Short Ram Intake
  171. tC 'SRS' Catback Exhaust - LOCAL - Corona, CA
  172. tC Apr s2000 material head studs 07 and up brand new picture added !
  173. tC2 trade - tsudo for trd
  174. tC Stock exhaust 05-10 TC
  175. xB2 Frozones Stock XB2 Part OUT EXTRAVAGANZA
  176. tC Ingalls "Stiffy" Engine Torque Damper-tC 05-08
  177. tC 05-06 Injen CAI
  178. tC Sold - Megan Midpipe
  179. tC SOLD - HKS Exhaust
  180. tC Weapon-R Secret Weapon Intake 07-10 Scion TC
  181. tC o.S. Giken LSD Used and / or gear set
  182. xB2 FS: AEM CAI
  183. xB2 SOLD
  184. tC2 Injen Short Ram Intake
  185. tC Dezod Catted Header SOLD LOCK IT UP!
  186. Any Model Ny-trex 50 shot solenoid
  187. tC tC1 - Exhaust parts
  188. tC Oem midpipe and s-pipe
  189. tC Weapon R Secret Ram Air Intake SUPERCHARGED
  190. Any Model Turbo parts
  191. tC Engine & Turbo Parts - Blocks, Head, Cams, Crank, etc
  192. tC FS: Auto fit kit for TRD Supercharger
  193. tC2 AEM FIC
  194. tC Massive part out - turbo parts, wheels, and coilovers
  195. tC Custom aluminum intake manifold
  196. tC Cometic Head gasket
  197. xB2 SOLD! Deatschwerks 750cc Injectors 2AZ SOLD!
  198. tC oem coilpacks
  199. tC FS: ATI Gauge Pod
  200. tC 3" SS Mandrel Bent Midpipe $100
  201. tC K1 Connecting Rods
  202. tC CP Pistons 88.5mm
  203. tC Turbo Partout/complete
  204. xB2 FS: Stock Exhaust System (Cat-back) $300 OBO
  205. tC 05-06 Injen Short Ram Intake
  206. tC AEM FIC w/ Harness Denso 700CC Injectors and more!!!
  207. tC Invidia Downpipe! Come and Get it!
  208. tC2 11-13 Injen CAI
  209. tC ACT T023 pressure plate
  210. tC Scion tC everythings for SALE!!!!
  211. tC F/S turbonetics v2 kit with extras
  212. tC trade takeda cold air/short ram for stock
  213. Dezod S1 Turbo Kit For Sale
  214. xB2 Header/ Heat shield/exhaust
  215. OTHER FRS J2 quad exhaust
  216. tC2 2011-13 Tsudo S2 Cat-Back Exhaust
  217. tC Fully built long block with ONLY 400 miles! $2,000+ stock motor. FREE DELIVERY!
  218. tC Misc Turbo parts
  219. tC Custom turbo kit. HYDRA EMS, custom turbo, FIC 900 cc injectors included! $3k or OBO.
  220. tC Left over build part brand new all item Obo! Part added
  221. tC 2005-2012 HYDRA EMS 2.6 with harness. $1000 Need money!
  222. tC2 FS: TC2 TRD Exhaust
  223. tC HKS Hi Power Exhaust - FS
  224. tC TurboToyotas Turbo Kit Complete- Plus Gauges, Emanage, Injectors and More! PICS
  225. tC 2005 Scion tC Automatic Transmission
  226. tC BC stage 2 turbo cams
  227. tC Turbo Part Out - ZPI, DEZOD, ATI (Updated Prices)
  228. xB2 Fs: 08-09 Weapon-R Header/S-Pipe/CEL fix
  229. tC dezod turbo inlet MAF pipe 05-06
  230. tC Polished Dezod Battery Tie Down
  231. tC For Sale: Used 07-08 Injen CAI + Dr. Isotope Panel $75 So Cal
  232. tC 2007 Scion tc OEM Air Intake
  233. tC2 FS: ScionTC2 unichip
  234. tC Dezod 850cc fuel injectors --SOLD!!!--
  235. tC tc parts (best offer)
  236. tC BRAND NEW Weapon R Secrect Weapon Intake
  237. tC Scion tC Turbo Kit parts manifold downpipe boost gauge blow off valve headlights
  238. tC xb2/tc auto tranny
  239. tC2 Injen CAI for tC2
  240. tC OBX Carbon fiber Eng Cover
  241. tC FS: descendant turbo kit
  242. tC Dezod IC & IC Piping 07-10 $215
  243. tC Ingalls Stiffy Engine Torque Damper
  244. tC2 FS: tC2 Dezod turbo kit
  245. tC WTT: HKS Exhaust for TRD Exhaust
  246. tC NST 20% under drive pulley
  247. xB Used DME 4-1 header for 1NZ
  248. xB 1NZ Valve cover-SOLD
  249. tC FS: Scion Tc Tranny
  250. tC BNIB Competition Clutch Stage 2