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  1. What's the best economically Turbo for a stock 06 xB?
  2. BLITZ S/C in an 06 xA
  3. Can the 1NZ-FE handle 200hp (approx. 160whp)?
  4. Help with planing a Turbo on xB RS4.0
  5. 2006 xB ECU Wiring....
  6. GEX-p920xm Satalite Unit
  7. What's the ideal turbo size
  8. low boost turbo with stock everything else
  9. CEL on after installing a CAI
  10. AEM EMS cal for turbo Gen 1 Xb
  11. Engine choking/stuttering at 70 mph
  12. DC Sports Short Ram Intake install question
  13. FIC Basemap
  14. Power enterprise supercharger installed
  15. Performance Enterprise 300 Installation instructions anyone...?
  16. Power enterprise supercharger. Pe300
  17. Getting Closer
  18. $400 Forged Pistons
  19. *EDIT*
  20. 24 Hours of Lemons Race: 1st Gen xB
  21. interested in turbo set up if anyone is putting back to stock
  22. Pillar Pod
  23. Affordable 1NZFE connecting rods!
  24. My own 1nzfe custom turbo ongoing story.
  25. PTUNING: 1NZFE Turbo System for the xA/xB!
  26. Fujita F5
  27. My yaris tsport turbo
  28. xA turbo project
  29. tC ECU in xA/xB1?
  30. Carb Legal Intakes?
  31. XBG's Full Race Transmission Exposed
  32. New Video from TBR
  33. NEW ITB's and Crower cams from TBR
  34. PRI, Haltech, CFT and TBR
  35. Wild color radiator hoses available
  36. looking for emanage blue maps
  37. XBG's 500+hp Turbo Build, parts Revield
  38. Ptuning xA video gallery
  39. Ptuning xA makes it to final 4 @ World Cup
  40. TRD Supercharger
  41. Cold Air Intake / Sway Bar issue
  42. Rules for turboing your ride
  43. Replaceable hose measurements?
  44. Still going strong ... 12.33 @ 116.8
  45. Short ram air intake for Xa?
  46. In serious need of some help from you f/i experts. My box fails right now
  47. maf problem
  48. Toy Box turbo kit for the first gen XB
  49. JUN Cams and XBG
  50. Who in Alabamacan tune my emanage blue
  51. xA Turbo help
  52. Fastest 1NZ-FE Scion xA (Video)
  53. whp potential with stock bottom end
  54. Where to buy exhaust flange (cat side)
  55. PTUNING: Scion xB1 Build (Pics & dyno on Pg 2)
  56. Garrett Turbo project, back on track
  57. This Xa is SLOWwwww
  58. proof Greddy supercharger fits in an xA?
  59. about this greddy rewire....
  60. Turbo question
  61. AEM F/IC map
  62. DESCENDANT xB1 Turbo Kit
  63. XBG's new Turbo motor
  64. Yaris Blitz Supercharger?
  65. AEM F/IC
  66. Replacement Belts For Greddy S/C (part #'s)
  67. Garret T25
  68. Pre-programmed Greddy e-manage
  69. What's the thread size and pitch on xb1 greddy turbo??
  70. Greddy Turbo rebuild and water cooling questions
  71. New at boosting and needs help
  72. Project Turbo xB "aka Purple People Eater"
  73. Garrett finally going in, exhaust clamp needed, suggestions?
  74. Replacement oil feed for Greddy turbo kit, from Ptuning
  75. APR unit success on a 1NZFE engine!
  76. Ingalls torque damper install (with s/c)
  77. S/C bogging at low RPM
  78. Help with 06 s/c install
  79. Tikibox S/C install
  80. Nedd Cat's for 2004 xA u got em i want em!!
  81. Fuel ?'s
  82. anyone have greddy s/c emanage base tune?
  83. Supercharged Scion TC VS Turbocharged Scion Xb
  84. 12 second yaris
  85. Turbo Manifold
  86. 06 XB S/C Install
  87. Need my turbo installed and tuned.
  88. Greddy Supercharger Oil
  89. going for 12's....
  90. custom turbo kit
  91. Stock ECU Fuel Trims Changed Suddenly! WTF?
  92. Is it possible to turbo an automatic gen1 xB?
  93. Need help with EVAP System Monitor ASAP!!!!
  94. help with oil feed
  95. Built auto trans. xB moving forward
  96. Need help on Blitz supercharger kit installation
  97. GReddy Supercharger in a xA
  98. Fastest xB1 in the East (for real)
  99. greddy turbo kit
  100. Couldnt wait until the tracks opened.
  101. 2006 xb auto greddy turbo....
  102. Recirculating BOV? Anyone have it?
  103. eManage Ultimate and Windows 7
  104. edit
  105. Stock Air Filter vs K&R Air Filter
  106. DIY 1NZ-FE Exhaust Manifolds!
  107. Fast Flash fix?
  108. Gas gauge needle help!
  109. EDIT
  110. XBGOD
  111. The Fastest is here...
  112. Oil Catch Can
  113. What to run with my supercharged xB?
  114. HELP!!! Interior Fan
  115. Need suggestions for universal muffler for my custom exhaust
  116. turbo vs supercharger
  117. Oil pressure 1nzfe
  118. Custom Gauge Face Installed
  119. Lazy XB
  120. hks turbo kit anyone?
  121. TOGA HP Bearing
  122. Stripping and on a diet? ....Sexy
  123. Built motor update(final Greddy results pg.3, img pg.4)
  124. what gotta do to put a greddy supercharger for the XB to an XA
  125. +11whp (compared to 2.25"), 3" s back exhaust
  126. Cylinder Head Gasket
  127. ax
  128. longer header bolts for 1nzfe turbo setup?
  129. 4age and 1nzfe...
  130. need help with emanage and upgrading injectors
  131. my build thread, finaly
  132. Spark Plug gap on boosted xa?
  133. fab'ed turbo
  134. HKS Turbo on a 2006.5 xB
  135. Has anyone recently turbo charged their xA
  136. 1/4 or mid mounted turbo?
  137. Greddy xB eManage blue base map needed
  138. turbo help/ timing help
  139. Wet kit
  140. xA Blitz Supercharger...
  141. teaser pics FTW! last post for build **update**
  142. AEM F/IC problems/Boomslang problem
  143. xa turbo kit interest thread
  144. If you're tee-ing into oil pressure sensor for supply line!!
  145. Greddy turbo & idiot lights
  146. not this summer but next summer.
  147. Has anyone installed an MSD DIS-4 on their box?
  148. Manual boost controller
  149. Lighweight Crank Pully
  150. Cylinder compression for 8.5:1 CR?
  151. eBay Turbo Kits...
  152. System too lean bank 1 CEL
  153. Check Engine, VSC, Trac Off (fuel vapor leak)
  154. Aftermarke Intake Air Temp sensor
  155. what size injectors should i get with emanage ultimate?
  156. How to clock a turbo video
  157. Greddy Turbo XB
  158. Not running right after installing supercharger!
  159. Emanage ultimate Problem
  160. TRD Supercharger
  161. injector install question
  162. I'm wanting to get my xB turbocharged
  163. NA tuning with emanage ultimate, worth it?
  164. Need help with a supercharger
  165. clamping MAF voltage in emanage ultimate
  166. what toyota injectors will fit on 1nzfe motor?
  167. tc injectors and ultimate not working
  168. Turbo or Supercharger
  169. Exhaust for Turbo
  170. Blitz Supercharger
  171. Is no one running TC injectors with Ultimate?
  172. TC Injectors and Emanage Ultimate
  173. 2az motor swap interest thread.
  174. Greddy Turbo Idle Problem
  175. 06 xa vs. xb ecu different or not?
  177. Spark Plug for turbo Xb ---need a short quick answer pleeese
  178. factory trd turbo for xb/xa
  179. 1NZFE K1 by Carrillo rod interest list
  180. |Dezod| Energy Motor Mounts for xB1
  181. help!!! xb sc need help with
  182. turbo help
  183. Car Candy Motorsports Turbo xB
  184. Ignition Control
  185. Cold outside? Stay warm with some TT swag..perfect gifts
  186. still misfiring after new plugs
  187. 365Motorwerks AEM UEGO Wideband Sale!
  188. trd turbo,help install
  189. Scion presents: Ptuning Dyno Shoot-out! (Nov.22/23)
  190. TT Turbo xB
  191. thinking of going back to n/a
  192. In box video 365Motorwerks Kit, Auto Box , 20-80mph
  193. s/c - t/c reliablity
  194. head or block swap
  195. need help, having aem fic problems
  196. greddy turbo kit is crap
  197. Supercharger Pics
  198. Looking for turbocharger kit test subject!
  199. emanage basic password
  200. emanage ultimate screwey all of a sudden
  201. turbo setup idea
  202. stock ecu open loop?
  203. Ok, list your Turbo based mileage!
  204. greddy xb turbo basic data file needed!!!!!!
  205. emanage ultimate base map needed!
  206. Finally boosted the xB(pics)
  207. new intake manifold from golden eagle for the xb with 2az
  208. 1NZ-FE Engine with Turboproblems
  209. AEM f/ic MAF voltage for XB?
  210. 365 Motorwerks xB Turbo Manifold is .... Now Shipping!
  211. Scion tC and xB Injector sizes?
  212. super charge or turbo
  213. Safe boost PSI on stock engine
  214. Cold air intake and EFI ecu reset?
  215. ECU Help
  216. greddy sp2 issue
  217. Coming Soon! - Twincharged xB (w/ pics)
  218. AEM F/I C?????
  219. What boost on 10:1 compression?
  220. manifold needed
  221. tc injectors, turbo install pics? HELP
  222. whats max boost with stcok intake manifold?
  223. Scion xA/xB & Toyota Echo, same engine??
  224. idling problems on new turbo install - PLEASE HELP!
  225. First Post
  226. Cheapest turbo kit available w/o engine management?
  227. fuel pump upgrade or no?
  228. Garrett Turbo HELP
  229. turbo exaust manifold
  230. injector upgrade, ECU questions.....NOOBIE
  231. GReddy vs Blitz S/C
  232. Intercooler placement
  233. Canubis computer and the turbo?
  234. Greddy turbo help needed
  235. My project xb
  236. |Dezod Motorsports| Energy Suspensions Motor Mount Inserts!
  237. emanage support tool
  238. Greddy SC Dyno figures and Question Regarding Boost Levels??
  239. DIY Tune what tools work, will our comps even cooperate.
  240. need help on spark plug gap for greddy supercharger
  241. SC better for a DD than a Trubo...
  242. OBX Billet Throttle Body
  243. To all Blitz SC owners
  244. Competition Clutch Stage 1 & 2 in stock!
  245. car wont start!!!!!
  246. do u have higher mileage on a charger or turbo-long term use
  247. What do you guys think...?
  248. Turbo Timer Wiring help
  249. Injectors
  250. Now Available.. LASTLOOK 1st Gen xB turbo kit..